Sales Service

Vertriebsservice Allgäu

We bring it together.

The distribution service

With us you have a contact person with a network directly from the region that covers the following areas. The networks is forming:

    • E-Optimum
      Regional representation Germany's only independent energy purchasing association for electricity/gas
    • Hygiene
      Wholesale FFP2 masks, protective gowns and rapid tests
      • Cleaning equipment for kitchens and wet areas
      • Medical air and room purifiers with 15 other possible applications. Aromatherapy also feasible.
      • Maxolen - hygiene, cleaning agents and auxiliary materials for the automotive industry, clinics and fitness centers
    • Workwear
      Textile finishing with personalized logo
    • Nutrition
      • Thermomix - Healthy cooking
      • Healthcare industry - Partner Life Plus
      • Catering Topfcooker - enjoyment at your home
    • Messina GmbH
      Office complex furnishing, consulting and wholesale

Vertriebsservice Allgäu - we bring together what belongs together.

We have 30 years of experience in sales and in 5 different industries with the respective completed trainings. Vertriebsservice Allgäu offers here as a service provider all field service activities.
Through the network of the different companies that interlock and complement each other, you use a team that has emerged and grown over time. This cooperation is characterized by fast processing and short information paths in the implementation. 

Medium-sized companies can save on personnel costs in sales with us, but still gain more customer / order potential with predictable costs.

At the moment the following companies use our services:

  • Wholesalers operating in the field of workwear and work footwear in B2B
  • Textile embroideries and printers offering all kinds of printing processes on textiles
  • Dealers in the field of gastronomy
  • Medium-sized companies with project or seasonal tasks

Our services in this are:

  • Cold calling in the sales area
  • Product introduction and presentation to the respective customers
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Order processing

And of course a few more services, because we are constantly evolving with the demands of our customers.